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The Coloring Book

“Kitty Wigs Presents Marie Catoinette: A Cautionary Tale of Excess

An Historically Imaginative Adult Coloring Book”

by Julie Jackson 
Illustrations by Paul Labadie

Introducing Marie Catoinette, an historically imaginative adult coloring book from the eccentric minds that brought you Kitty Wigs—the cat wig meme that swept the globe with the best-selling bookGlamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. Imagine a cache of long-lost portraits of felines in fantastical wigs from the time of Marie Antoinette being discovered in the basement at Versailles. We always believed that we were not the first to put wigs on cats. Here’s proof in 29 astounding portraits and feline accoutrement ready for you to color and bring to life!