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The Crew

Kitty Wigs┬« is a product of the feverish imagination of Julie Jackson & her siamese partner in crime, Boone. Sometimes the pressure of Julie's day job (Subversive Cross Stitch), combined with Boone's constant state of leisure results in loud music, wigs and dancing. This has brought such great stress relief (particularly during the holidays), that we decided to share our passion for wigs with the world. We started out selling wigs for cats online. 


Then we met fantastic photographer and tour de force Jill Johnson, who was just crazy and stealth enough to catch cats in the act of daydreaming about their bewigged lives. Jill embarked on a freelance career after years of working for the man (the newspaper man, that is.)  Jill created all the photos you'll see in our book: Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. Check out her portfolio!


Speaking of talent, Paul Labadie's artistic ability moved us to create an adult coloring book with him--coming in May 2016. Paul is super-humble and has no idea how great he really is, but we think once you see the illustrations he created for Marie Catoinette, you'll be just as wowed as we are. Get your crayons and colored pencils ready!


There are so many more people who make Kitty Wigs possible, most especially Kaz Ferns (our devoted cat scout) and the whole team at Shampoo Salon in Fort Worth, who threw an unbelievably amazing book release party and never seem to run out of enthusiasm. This is definitely a team effort. Special thanks to my agent, Sarah Sockit, and the truly wonderful people at Chronicle Books for making Glamourpuss happen: Kate Woodrow, Christina Loff and Andrew Schapiro. And Chris Jackson for writing help and keeping my cocktail glass full. 


We are a passionate group of cat lovers and cat rescuers who can assure you that no animals were harmed or even slightly inconvenienced in our creations. If any cat wasn't interested in wearing a wig, we simply found our next model. The cats who participated all seemed to enjoy the extravagant attention and fame and earned their weight in treats. Also, all of the cats featured in our book were rescued. We encourage you to rescue or adopt a cat from your local shelter.